Auto transportation is the main service of our company.


Transportation of liquid bulk cargoes and packaged cargoes of any complexity.


Our own fleet consists of 95 tank trucks and 250 tilt-covered trucks.


In addition, there are 261 tank trucks and 165 tilt-covered cars under our operational control.


Our specialist`s experience let us promptly select optimal vehicle for your cargo delivery. We are able

to collaborate with shipper, to implement its culture and requirements in the logistics process for each product


Our specialists daily control your cargo movement, tracking all necessary logistic details.


We organize the interaction with all participants of the transport process to ensure optimal loading, transportation and unloading, including the required equipment.


Our company operates in accordance with international standards for the transport agents specializing

in the chemical cargo’s transportations.


We are able to provide your cargo delivery in 48 hours after request.


Our fleet transports any hazard classes of liquid bulk cargoes, including isocyanates and precursors, and cargoes that require heating in any climate conditions.



Emergency number 24/7: 
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