Logistic services

Transport logistics


Using the latest technology in transport logistics we are expanding the list of goods and the geography

of deliveries, increasing the turnover of cargoes.


We also transport consolidated cargoes by all types of transport.


The transportation process is organized by qualified personnel. Our managers are trained in special advanced trainings European level.


Our own fleet consists of 65 tank trucks and 250 tilt-covered trucks.


In addition, there are 261 tank trucks and 165 tilt-covered cars under our operational control.


Pharmaceutical Logistics


Based on years of transportation experience, we have created a specialized company pharmaceutical logistic.


For this project we use our own fleet of vehicles, equipped according to all international regulations

for transportation pharmaceuticals goods.


We are a reliable partner of many major pharmaceutical companies in the world.


Our company has only qualified personnel and most advanced equipment.


An integrated access


We are strictly executes all rules of high European and global transportation safety standards when developing complex logistics plans, including requirements of transportation of your goods, the cost and timing of delivery.


Systems that we use: management of vehicles network, on-line monitoring and synchronization of complex logistics plans.


Using complex planning for each delivery, including transport management network, 24/7 On-line cargo location monitoring, coordination of complex logistic chains - we become leading provider of Logistics.


Individual logistics concepts


We are constantly improving the level of service, decreasing time of transportations and introducing latest intelligent solutions.


Minimizing time transportation products, increasing the list of goods, especially in the automobile industry, requiring the introduction of new intelligent solutions in the logistics processes of the company management system.


We are developing individual concepts and complex schemes in logistics.


Logistics centers across Europe


Our group of companies is represented in all large cities in Europe own logistics centers, departments

and representative offices of our partners.


We focus on the level of staff qualification, constantly improving the level of education, the organization

of the labor process and developing our multi-lingual on-line customer support.


We provide a high-level logistics service, using a high level of training and a network of our representative offices throughout Europe and beyond.




Our group invests in the development of high-tech projects.


Our professional multi-lingual manager will give special support information and consulting services around

the clock.


We constantly introduce the latest technology in the work of our logistics centers and offices, will improve loading equipment and load securing , using special cargo containers with integrated control geographic location.


Information support of clients - is the basis of high-quality logistics services.




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