MIKO Group transports all types of goods, including liquid bulk chemical and feed cargoes by truck, train,
ship or aircraft in Europe and CIS countries

Our team consists of English-speaking managers, who have a unique for the CIS market experience of forwarding chemical liquid bulk cargoes and packaged goods of all hazard classes, including isocyanates
and precursors.

Group consists of three companies

Transport company

Forwarding of road transport, rail road deliveries, sea containers, air cargoes

Forwarding of consolidated cargoes

Warehouse and customs services

Cargo tracking at any point of the route

24 hour logistic and technical support

Trainings of European level in transportation, loading / unloading, storage of chemical and hazardous products

Transport company

Transportation of liquid bulk cargoes

and packaged cargoes of any complexity

Transportation of large-sized and heavy cargoes

Transportation of cargoes with maintaining the temperature mode

The engineering of loading / unloading systems of liquid bulk cargoes, the selection and installation of equipment for the architecture of buildings and communications of the client. Equipment service

Choosing the optimum type

of transportation for your shipment

Logistics operator 4 PL

Cleaning of auto-tanks and


Conclusion of foreign economic activ

contracts with suppliers on behalf

of the customer

Warehouse and logistics services

in Europe (the consolidation and

deconsolidation of cargoes, temporar


Full customs clearance

Foreign economic activity consulting

Specialized tank cleaning stations

Transparency of processes and pricing

Do you need a transport?

We operation with all types of shipping. For many years,
we successfully cooperate with the factories of DOW,
BASF, Hansa Group, Momentive, Exxon, AkzoNobel and other. We have all capabilities to provide systematic and continuous transportations of any raw material`s amount

Where we work

Liquid cargoes

All countries of Europe


Packaged goods

All countries of Europe




Asia-Pacific direction

CIS countries

All countries of Europe

Marine transportation

All ports of the Caspian Sea and Black Sea

Air Freight

All countries

of the world

We transport such liquid bulk cargos





Inorganic substance

Industrial alcohol

Feed alcohol

Cognac and wine-making materials

Juice concentrate

We transport cargoes of all hazard classes, including isocyanates and precursors



Emergency number 24/7: 
tel.: +38 067 631 26 36   
E-mail: emergency@miko-transport.com.ua

 21, Orlovskaya str. Dnipro

 tel:    +38 (0562) 52-12-95

+38 (067) 657-33-40

 fax:  +38 (056)  770-15-54

E-mail: office@miko-transport.com.ua

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